Feel better about yourself and your food!

June 12, 2014 - Evelyn Dorkel

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The summer dress season has started but you do not feel comfortable showing off your curves? You are not alone. Try to overcome the temptation of starting another fad diet. Seriously, why should this one work? How many have you tried so far? And how many pounds have you been able to keep off for several years? Probably not many… if any.

Stop telling yourself that you are weak. You are not. Fad diets are often very restrictive and lead to a lot of frustration. In the beginning, when you are motivated, you can stick to it, but as soon as there is an unexpected situation, you get back to your old eating habits.

So think twice this year. Is it really a good moment to lose weight? Be smart and choose someone who can help you lose weight in a long lasting way.  Because it is not only important what you eat, but especially how you eat!

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Evelyn Dorkel